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International Week 2024 day 3

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Check out the program for the HAN International Week Health and Social Studies on day 3, Friday the 2nd of February 2024.

9.00-09.45: Marcela Andrade del Corro

Working with poverty, deprivation, and community conflict

The reality of poverty and deprivation extends across the globe, often to an extend where it creates communities in despair, where the tension and violence amongst its individuals is palpable and the emotional suffering is passed over from generation to generation.  This is the reality of a small community in Glasgow, the city with the lowest life expectancy in West Europe.  In this presentation, we discussed the novice and long-lasting effects of children growing in communities impacted by poverty and deprivation, we examined the role of health professionals in creating safe spaces and communities where children can grow embracing hope and opportunities. By Marcela Andrade del Corro, lecturer in art psychotherapy.


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12.15-13.00: Sander de Kramer

Stories from Sierra Leone

As a child his mother took Sander de Kramer to a demonstration for native Americans who were chased from their Holy Land because companies found expensive minerals in the soil. It was the start of a lifetime helping vulnerable people.

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10.45-12.15: Robin Timmers

A recovery & emancipation oriented approach to hearing voices

Robin Timmers is an expert by experience. He is the founder of the first Hearing Voices Support Centre where he developed a recovery and emancipation oriented approach to the unusual sensory experience of hearing voices. Robin will share his personal recovery story as well as many insights from experiential, scientific and mental health care perspectives.

Robin Timmers
13.00-14.30: Els van Driel

The Losing Game

What if your life is an endless circle because the system keeps you trapped? Iraqi Mustafa was 14 when he fled to Europe alone. After a years-long journey, 'the game,' he finally reaches the Netherlands. Relieved, he thinks he can finally go to school and start his life, but then the system turns against him once again. In this lecture by documentary maker Els van Driel, we watch this short documentary, and Els shares insights into her work and the filmmaking process.


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