Sfeerfoto van de eerste ESE-dag op 27 januari 2023

On Friday 26 January, the second ESE day will be organised! HAN Embedded Systems Engineering (ESE) students, lecturers and alumni are going to get to know each other better. The day is peppered with all aspects you would expect from the ESE field!

Quick info

Date and time

HAN Campus Arnhem
Ruitenberglaan 26

Central topic

This year's main topic is sustainability. How do we take this into account when designing and producing embedded systems?

What can you expect as an ESE?

During workshops and presentations, you will be actively engaged with not only the subject of Embedded Systems Engineering, but also with the programme. You will meet fellow students, former students and teachers from the programme.

The ESE day has a compulsory character. Therefore, this day is also in the timetable of ESE students and we count on attendance!


The programme is divided into a morning and an afternoon section. In the morning part, various companies and alumni will give workshops and presentations.

In the afternoon, we will work on getting to know each other and our programme better, which means networking!

  • 8:30 Arrival/Arrival
  • 9:00 Welcome/Welcome
  • 9:30 Start Workshops
  • 12:30 Lunch
  • 13:15 Graduation ceremony
  • 13:30 Group photo/Group photo
  • 14:00 Keynote Flora Poppelaars
  • 14:45 Afternoon activity
  • 15:30 Day closing
  • 16:00 Drinks

What interesting workshops can you expect?

Soldering competition
Enter the most exciting soldering competition of the year! Be ready to let your skills shine in a challenging competition that celebrates craftsmanship.

PCB design with KiCad for beginners
Get to know KiCad and design your first PCB.

PCB design with KiCad for advanced users
Already familiar with KiCad? In this workshop, you'll take your PCB design next-level.

Embedded low power
How do your choices affect battery life when designing an embedded system?

Build your own antenna
The antenna is the most important part of any transceiver, here you make it yourself.

From prototype to final product
Take part in an interactive quiz session during a presentation explaining the evolution of our IoT Environmental Monitoring Device, from prototype stage to final product.

EMC measurement on your project
Would your S1, S3 or S6 product pass CE approval? This is your chance to find out. (Registration is mandatory!)

Planned presentations!

Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)
How to design a PCB for maximum jamming, so no radio reception, flashing LED and Bluetooth problems. Welcome to the wonder world of interference (CE-EMC).

Environmental issues in PCB manufacturing
How environmental requirements affect a PCB manufacturing plant.

Vision of the electronics market in Europe
Dirk Stans, director of Euro Circuits, gives his views on developments and upcoming European regulations in the production of electronic devices.

Design for testing
How to consider the testability of your product when designing embedded systems.

Embedded and the programming language RUST
Introduction to programming language RUST, which is slowly making its appearance in the embedded domain.

Introduction to NORDIC, the market leader in Bluetooth ICs and more
NORDIC is a leading player in wireless technologies and semiconductors. Known for their innovative solutions in wireless connectivity, BLE, MESH and IoT solutions.

Using technology for wildlife conservation
How can you use technology in wildlife conservation?

Keynote Flora Poppelaars

Our current mode of production and consumption is unsustainable because of wasted resources, environmental pollution and scarcity. The keynote after lunch proposes a circular economy as a solution to this problem.

Flora Poppelaars shares strategies for the circular design of electronics, including material choices, repairability, recycling and new business models. This offers concrete tools for more sustainable design!

Propaedeutic ceremony

Students who have completed their propaedeutics? Then that is an achievement that deserves attention! Therefore, on this day, the presentation of the propaedeutic certificate will also take place in the presence of all ESE fellow students.

Further information

You can find all the information on the ESE Day site, which we update regularly.


As the number of participants per workshop or presentation is limited, please use this online form to indicate your preference. The organisers of the ESE Day will try to make the best possible planning with this information.