The UN's first Sustainable Development Goal is Eradicating Poverty

Business Fights Poverty

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  • Smart Region
  • Sustainable Energy & Environment
  • Fair Health

The third week of October is internationally recognized as the Week Against Poverty. On October 12th at the International School of Business, we will explore how business can contribute to alleviating poverty. This will be the third annual Business Fights Poverty event at ISB.

Workshop & Dinner 

Business Fights Poverty

Businesses have a huge role to play in the sustainabilty of the world. To better understand the impact of business activities, companies should examine their human impact and intitiate solutions from the ground up.

Joined by two experienced professionals, students and teachers will come to a better understanding of their responsibility as global citizens towards the well being of others and the planet, and how one can act upon that responsibility.

Insights from the professional field 

Guest Speakers

We are honored to be joined by two experienced professionals who will share their insights on how businesses can contribute to eradicating poverty.

Dr. Ingrid Van Rompay-Bartels

Master of Ceremonies

Senior Research Fellow Global Citizenship & Lecturer at HAN International School of Business

Jasper Kort

Guest lecturer
Headshot of a man in blue suit

Senior financial advisor & policy advisor

Roberto Piccioni

Guest lecturer

Operational Excellence EHS, Sustainability & ESG Practitioner & Educator

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Date and time

HAN Campus Arnhem
Ruitenberglaan 31

Free, please register in advance