Jan is vice-president of the School Council: ‘A very rewarding job’

Did you know that our school offers a part-time job in which you represent your fellow students, have a say in the school’s affairs and which also is a great addition to your resume? The School Council is looking for a new member, and its vice-president Jan Novoselec is happy to inform you about it.

Chemistrystudent Jan Novoselec is vice-voorzitter van de Academieraad

Officially, the 6 members of the School Council (3 students, 3 employees) are democratically elected. And although the student elections for next year will start soon, right now the Council is looking for a new member.

From work pressure to air quality

Looking at what the job entails, it’s quite surprising that there currently is a vacancy. “As a member of the School Council, you learn about everything that’s going on in the school”, says its vice-president and Life Sciences student Jan Novoselec. “You have an opportunity to help your fellow students by addressing important issues. It’s 4 hours a week, and you get paid for it.”

These 4 hours consist either of a council meeting (every other week), or working on a specific assignment for individual members. “This could be attending a meeting of class representatives, so you stay informed about what’s going on among students. Or you’ll be busy working on argumentation for the school’s board to get something done.”

The topics can concern issues like work pressure, both for students and for staff. Or the air quality in the building, which has been an important topic since its renovation and in which proper improvements already have been achieved. Or the issue of international students feeling isolated, which lead to the launch of the Wellbeing In Science (WIS) club (which you can join through this link). “Students didn’t feel heard, and now they have a place where they can share their concerns.”

Skills for the future

Jan is currently in the 3rd year of his Bachelor’s degree in Life Sciences. He grew up in a town in Croatia that is in many ways similar to Nijmegen, he says. “But I came to HAN specifically because of the educational system. The practical approach of this university prepares you well for a future in research. Which, for me, I hope lies in the field of immunology.”

As vice-president of the School Council, Jan is learning a lot about how the school functions. At the same time, he can aid towards improvements. “It’s a very rewarding job. And it also brings interesting challenges, like learning how to have equal discussions with people that you’re used to see as your superior. I’ve gained a lot of skills in argumentation, and in teamwork as well.”

Being a member of the School Council is a job that can be well combined with your studies, says Jan. “It’s nice to have a job that’s at the same place as where you go to school, of course. So it leaves me plenty of time for my sports and other activities. And while it can be demanding sometimes, I think it’s very educational and offers useful skills for my future career.”

How to apply

If you are interested in the vacant position for the School Council or if you’d like to hear more about it, you can send an e-mail to academieraad.atbc@han.nl. Chemistry students are particularly encouraged to apply, as they are currently not represented in the Council. 

Photo David van Haren