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Welcome to HAN International Social Work. On this page you find a lot of relevant information for you as future partner. Our aim is to create sustainable partnerships that consist of student and staff mobility, mutual learning and research. Meet Sjors Jansen and Sanne van den Heuvel, your contacts.

With International Social Work we aim to train social professionals who can work worldwide under a variety of conditions to promote diversity, justice and healthy, inclusive societies.

About HAN & International Social Work

HAN Campus

Located in the east of the Netherlands in the cities of Arnhem and Nijmegen

Amount of HAN students

Over 37,000, of which 1500 international students

International Social Work Students

400 students with over 40 nationalities

Dedicated team 

engaged to guide our students to professional development

The International Social Work bachelor program is designed and implemented by a dedicated team of international professionals. We are engaged to guide our students in their path to professional development. Deploying creativity in social work, solid theoretical knowledge, extensive skills practice and a strong connection to the professional field are characteristics of our program

For any questions on the content of the program, feel free to contact Sjors Jansen, MSW ( or Sanne van den Heuvel, MA (

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Sjors Jansen & Sanne van den Heuvel
Bachelor degree 

International Social Work

International Social Work is a 4-year bachelor degree program that trains students to work together with local communities in an international setting. Theory and practice are closely linked at HAN. From the first year onwards, students dive straight into practice. Allowing them to apply the methodologies learned in a real work setting. Plenty of opportunities to put what students learn into practice.

Practical experience

In more than 20 countries

To become proper international social workers, students need to gain practical experience in all kinds of contexts. Educating our students is impossible without the help of social work organizations. We are in contact with social work professionals, university’s and associations in more than 20 different countries. Most of these contacts around the world we started with the help of the IFSW and national social work associations.

For different moments during our degree program we seek collaboration with professional organizations or partner universities.

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Learning by doing: from year 2 to year 4

Year 2

Students work during one semester on a social change assignment for a commissioner. Using the method of 'Design thinking' they will design a product or innovation, based on the needs of the socially oriented organization. This change can be anything, as long as it empowers the community. If you have one or more development or design questions, you could call the help of our students.


Year 3

Students do three internship semesters 28 hours per week. During the internship, the student requires the space and time to develop through learning from each other, in participation and co-creation. Important is that the organization has a learning climate, where the student is provided the opportunity to learn and experiment with (the majority of) the qualifications of a social worker.


Year 4

During the third internship semester the student will be focused on doing a Participative Action research (PAR). In the research it is important that the student is part of the organization as an intern: contributing to tasks and activities. Internship activities that are not per se linked to the PAR can however be very beneficial for the PAR. The outcomes of a PAR are very diverse since the process of participative action and reflection will determine what will be the right design and how to design it right.



The student has the opportunity to change work place after each semester, or stay at the same place for two or three semesters. It is expected that the student is guided by an experienced practice supervisor that is a qualified, social professional who is able to observe the student at work during the practice, has experience with the work itself and can help the student to identify with the profession. The practice supervisor has a heart for learning, actively asks questions and provides feedback to the student. The practice supervisor gives the student space to learn.

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