HAN 25th anniversary

“Hogeschool van Arnhem en Nijmegen”, the Dutch name of our institution, is history. We now bear the English name, HAN University of Applied Sciences. But we’re still 1 HAN. Ever since 1996. We'll be devoting plenty of attention to our 25th anniversary this year, with the theme "Old enough to know who you are, young enough to want to keep learning."

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HAN Radio25Check out the after movie

With birthdays come treats. That is why we had a live radio broadcast on campus in Arnhem and Nijmegen in the beginning of September. Missed the broadcast? Check out the after movie now! Turn on subtitling as it's partly in Dutch.

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Turn on subtitling - partly in Dutch!

Mergers and growth 25 years of HAN

Our educational institution is the result of numerous mergers and significant growth in student numbers. Only in this way do you go from 20 independent educational institutions to 1 HAN in over 10 years. The most important reason for these mergers? The government and the Netherlands Association of Universities of Applied Sciences believed that many schools were too small to organize their education properly. The financial aspect was also a factor. In short: there was great pressure to collaborate.

That collaboration didn’t always go smoothly. Some mergers were abandoned at the last minute. But nobody wants an unfinished product: a university with only economy or engineering programs. So the schools continued to merge. Until, after 25 years, we arrived at the HAN we know today. So we have something to celebrate!