School of Law

The School of Law is home to both education and research. We offer degree programs and have a research group and research center. We provide commercial activities and tailored projects for the professional field. In our degrees we combine legal knowledge with (non-)legal skills.

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Home base for bachelor and associate degree programs 

The School of Law offers the Bachelor of Law: One of the largest of its kind, with over 1,000 students. They can choose the full-time, part-time or work-study variant. The academy also has an Associate degree: Paralegal Studies.  

They are: 

Dutch taught

  • Bachelor of Law
  • Paralegal Studies 


Want to continue studying? The School of Law offers post-graduate degree programs, courses and training in the legal field. 

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Home base for practice-based research 

We work together with the degree programs to tackle social issues. We conduct groundbreaking practice-based research at our Research Center.

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School of Law

Manon Eustatia, dean
T: +3162133458