Wifi - Eduroam

HAN has WiFi in most buildings: eduroam for students and staff, and HANguest for temporary visitors.

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WiFi for students and staff


Students and staff use the eduroam wireless network.

This is a safe network you can use in all HAN buildings. You can also use your own log in details to access the eduroam network at other universities or research institutions worldwide. This access is linked to your HAN account.

Useful tips for eduroam

  • Are you a student or staff member but don’t have a HAN account yet? First go to the HAN account site  and create a HAN account.
  • Do you already have a HAN account and the role of staff or student? Then you can use eduroam immediately. You can find the manuals below.
  • As a HAN student or staff member, you can also use eduroam when visiting other institutions that are connected to eduroam. The eduroam network will then be found automatically.
  • Over 40 institutions in the Netherlands use eduroam (see the overview of participating institutions). Internationally, eduroam is also available at increasingly more locations.
  • Is eduroam not working properly? Then take a look at the network status page.


HAN Guest

Are you visiting and do you need WiFi? HANguest is the WiFi network for visitors. Connect with HANguest and register. You’ll receive a one-day access code via SMS on your mobile phone.

Are you visiting HAN as a student or staff member from another institution that also uses eduroam? Then you’ll get access to eduroam using the account of your own institution.

Useful info about HAN Guest

  • A day code is only valid on the day of application.
  • A day code is valid for one device. Do you want to use WiFi on more than one device at the same time? Then you can request more day codes.
  • The capacity and availability of HANguest are as you would expect from a hotspot: it can be slow and some functions won’t be possible. HANguest is mainly intended for visiting websites.
  • HANguest is not available at the Gymnasion and Radboud Sportcentrum. In these buildings, the WiFi is provided by Radboud University.