1-to-1 meetings

Want some personalized info or advice about a bachelor or master program at HAN? Sign up for an online 1-to-1 meeting with a lecturer or student.

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Personalized adviceBachelor programs

Want to get some personalized advice about one of our bachelor programs? Then schedule an online 1-to-1 meeting with a student or lecturer from that program. To get the most out of the meeting, write down any questions you'd like to ask beforehand. Have the questions in front of you during the meeting. That way you won't miss anything!

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Personalized adviceMaster programs

Want some personalized advice about one of our master programs? Arrange an oline 1-to-1 meeting. Just send an email using the mail address or link below. Be sure to mention the program you're interested in. And in the case of the Master in Engineering Systems, also the track.

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NewsletterStay in touch

Want to stay updated on the developments at HAN? Sign up for our international newsletter and stay in touch with us! You'll get the latest info about application deadlines, housing possibilities and more.

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