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As a research group, we believe it is important to share our knowledge. This way we deliver a structural contribution to education and educational development. We are pleased to share the results of studies and projects.

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Next Generation Internet accessibility pages

You are working on a Next Generation Internet (NGI) funded project. In that case, we hope you will want to produce a safe, secure, open and accessible end product. A product that people can trust and that they can all use, including if they have a (visual, auditory, motor or other) disability.

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Accessibility evaluation tool

Researchers and developers of the HAN Research Group Inclusive Digital Design & Engineering (IDD&E) worked on the redesign, update and extension of the WCAG-EM accessibility evaluation tool. This tool supports evaluators of websites to follow a step by step process to evaluate complete websites and share the results as a structured report.

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All publications from the research group can be found in HAN Publications.

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