Engineering Systems: Lean Engineering

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The Lean Engineering track within the Master in Engineering Systems will no longer be offered as of September 2022. Current students can complete their program and earn their master degree (MSc). A new track, Smart Manufacturing, will be offered from September 2023.

Why study Lean Engineering at HAN?

Career opportunities

Make the link between technical developments and practical business processes; a talent in great demand.

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Vast network

By participating in the HAN Research Center for Lean/World Class Performance, you build a vast network with future potential!

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Industry visibility

HAN’s curriculum is based on continuous interaction with the industry. You research lean solutions to meet the needs of many companies.

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Who is this master for?

This part-time master program is for:

  • EU/EER, Swiss or Surinamese citizens
  • Expats with a valid Dutch residence permit
  • Refugees with a valid Dutch residence permit

Don’t fit into one of these categories? Unfortunately, you can’t apply for the part-time program. But you can apply for the full-time program.

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Your growthSkills and future job prospects

As a well-trained engineer with a broad overview, you develop products and processes using an integrated methodology. You learn to be a lean engineers, an “integrator”. During improvement development and implementation, you always keep a process perspective. Exactly what today’s market needs.


Some of the skills you learn during the program:

  • Lean operations management
  • Lean product development
  • Applied research skills


Your education is aligned with these positions:

  • Product Engineer
  • Operations Manager
  • Innovation Manager
  • R&D Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Industrial Engineer
  • Lean Facilitator

Why invest in a master?Info for employers

Master students gain experience in professional practice, which they bring to the program in the form of actual case studies. This way, HAN’s master program curriculums reflect what’s happening in the professional field. Learn more about the benefits of this program for employers.


The programWhat do you learn?

The Lean Engineering track is part of the Master in Engineering Systems. It takes you 3 years to complete this program. During these 3 years, you follow 4 modules and carry out a major project. Develop your expertise and practical skills and finish with a master title! 

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Part of the Master in Engineering Systems

Lean Engineering is a track within the Master in Engineering Systems. Other tracks are: Control Systems, Sustainable Energy, Automotive Systems, Embedded Systems and Smart Manufacturing (available from September 2023).

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A good balance Study, work and private life

Combining a study with work and private life takes some getting used to. But organize it properly and it's easier than you think. You get so much more in return!

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Choose how you want to studyPart-time or full-time

You can also study the Lean Engineering track in full-time. In that case, the program duration is 1.5 years. Wondering which is best for you? Arrange a meeting with us – no strings attached

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The Dutch way of learning

The atmosphere in a Dutch classroom is quite informal and your lecurers are  easy to talk to. In fact, at HAN you’re seen as a partner in the learning process. Class sizes are small and your lecturers encourage you to actively participate in class. To ask questions. To give your own opinion. They also stimulate you to be creative. And to discover things for yourself.

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Opening hours

Monday to Friday: 8:30 - 16:30

Prefer calling?

Telephone number: +31 26 36 58 215

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