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The program starts 1 September 2023

Want to take your English to the exceptionally high level of near-native speaker? Then the Cambridge Proficiency in English C2 course is for you. This course helps you prepare for the Cambridge Proficiency exam, administered by the British Council.

In brief

    € 995Course fee excl. materials
    14 sessionsspread over 14 weeks
    3 hourscontact time per week
    3 hoursself-study on average per week

Who is this course for?

For students, HAN staff and external participants. You want to learn English at the highest level. And to significantly improve your career prospects by obtaining an internationally recognized certificate. Your proficiency level must be C1 at the start of the course. We assess this with an intake test.

Program: Cambridge Proficiency in English (C2) course

This course helps you improve your:

  • speaking and conversation skills
  • reading skills
  • listening skills
  • writing skills
  • grammar and vocabulary
  • understanding of the cultural differences between the Netherlands and England

This course prepares you for the English exam developed by Cambridge University, the leading language and culture institute in England. This exam is administered in the Netherlands by the British Council.

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