Inauguration of Ronald Tuninga

What are the leading trends in the global economy and how do they impact the international business community, education and research? This question was key to Ronald Tuninga’s inaugural speech "The Future of International Business: Bridging Practice, Education, and Research".

302392 Op 24 juni is Ronald Tuninga geïnstalleerd als lector International Business

Arjan Keunen, dean of the International School of Business, opened the inauguration in the afternoon of 24 June. Bridget Kievits, member of the Executive Board, then installed Ronald Tuninga as Professor of International Business at HAN. During the inspirational afternoon, the audience got a glimpse of what’s going on at International Business and its role within HAN.

Inaugural speech: The Future of International Business

In his inaugural speech, Ronald Tuninga began by introducing the field of International Business and pointing out the current issues. This background info was essential for explaining and understanding the trends.

Although there were a lot to choose from, Ronald Tuninga selected 5 trends to highlight in his speech:

  • Climate change, CO2 emission reduction, energy transition and sustainable society
  • Technological change: digital transformation, artificial intelligence and robotics, communication and technology
  • Multiculturalism and transculturalism, inclusivity and responsibility
  • From globalization to regionalism
  • Changes in global demographics and the impact on the demand-side

Turning problems into something positive, thinking creatively and seeing opportunities.

Interviews from an international perspective

The inaugural speech was followed by 4 interviews. Developments in the international business world were linked to the research carried out at the Center of International Business Research.

The key themes of the interviews were world citizenship, the future of international business education, “glocal” business and co-creation in sustainability.

The event was not only attended by HAN colleagues and a student in Arnhem, but also had international speakers. They joined online from America, Ghana and Hungary via a live video link.

302393 Installatie Ronald Tuninga op 24 juni door Bridget Kievits
Installation of Ronald Tuninga, photos by Rob Gieling

Dealing with a changing world

The inauguration took place on location in Arnhem and online via livestream. This hybrid form was implausible before the corona crisis, but is now a good example of creative thinking.

Due to the pandemic and other changes around us, the world is transforming at an ever faster rate. This has an enormous impact on regional, national and international businesses and their customers. Disruptions in international supply have a problematic effect on the collaboration between producers, retailers and customers, for example.

Professor Ronald Tuninga

Prof. Ronald S.J. Tuninga is professor in International Business at HAN University of Applied Sciences and chair of the Center of International Business Research. He is the former president and vice-chancellor of the Business School of Kingston University London. Prof. Tuninga has lectured in North and South America, Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Africa.

His research interests lie in: 

  • International Marketing
  • Internationalization of Services
  • Sustainable International Business
  • International Readiness and Performance of SMEs
  • International Entrepreneurship 

Center of International Business Research

The focus of the Center of International Business Research (CIBR) is leveraging international business and world citizenship to benefit the Arnhem and Nijmegen “Euregio”. The 3 most important focus areas of HAN, Smart, Green and Socially Engaged, are defined by the CIBR as Innovative, Sustainable and TransCultural. “These are 3 of the most important international aspects of world citizenship that form an integral part of all our research.”

The CIBR fosters applied research that contributes to the local business community and the world citizens of the future. The central theme of this practice-based research is to stimulate understanding and development in students, professionals and businesses in a changing digital world, and to equip them for the international business world.