International students at iXperium Health

Prachi Agarwal and Arunabh Das are media students from Christ University in Bangalore. This month they’ll be working at iXperium Health. Making instruction videos on topics like how to use a cradle.

32949 Meisje speelt spelletje met blokjes en ipad

Flexible study times

Prachi and Arunabh (see photo) are enjoying their studies in the Netherlands. Lecturers here are more approachable and easier to talk to. Students in India have classes from 9am to 4pm, 6 days a week.

The flexible study times in the Netherlands has been a nice experience for these international students. They have spent their free days over the past weeks exploring the Netherlands. The long Ascension weekend was also much appreciated, allowing them to spend time exploring Paris.

Global Awareness minor

This international exchange is an initiative of iXperium-ambassador Anne-Mieke Zaat. This year she’s visited fablabs in India, Bali and Vietnam. HAN and Christ University in Bangalore have been partners now for ten years.

Another component of this partnership is the Global Awareness minor. It offers Dutch students the opportunity to study in Bangalore and contribute to the Community Development of Christ University. Their university is currently exploring options to start their own fablab or iXperium.

Prachi and Arunabh hope their new experience and knowledge can contribute to this new lab at their home university.