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The online introduction for Mechanical Engineering starts on Monday 23 August. A week full of fun and information. Information about your program, your classmates and fellow HAN students. And about your university. Will you be joining in? Find out here what to expect.

What can you expect?

The introduction for the new school year is in the last week of August. Because we cannot be on the campus with all new students at the same time, the group is split in two. We will email you the details as soon as possible.

Of course, this informative and fun program is in line with the current COVID19 measures, applicable in the Netherlands. However, the situation may change and this might affect the Introduction program too.

During the introduction you will get to know classmates and your study coach. After this introduction you will also know where to find your timetable and what to expect in the first weeks of the new school year. Quite important of course! That is why we expect you to be present at the introduction.

Besides the serious part there is also room to have a drink and meet others like senior students, students from Engineering or the student associations. They can tell you everything about the study program, student life at HAN and in Arnhem. Lunch and dinner will be provided!

Monday 23 August

The HAN International Office will organize a welcome meeting as part of the International Intro 2021 where you can meet our international student associations and other international students from different study programs in person. 

Time  Group
09 am - 11 am Group 1
10 am - 12 am Group 2
11 am - 01 pm Group 3
02 pm - 04 pm Group 4

Curious to know which group you're in? Around mid August, we'll send you an invitation for the specific timeslot you're invited for. So keep an eye on your email inbox.

Arnhem Campus
Ruitenberglaan 31
6826 CC Arnhem

Tuesday 24 August

  • 11 am - 1 pm 
    Workshop Dutch Culture and Language
  • 1 pm - 3 pm 
    For International Students but Dutch students are welcome as well. We want to invite you to a Arnhem City Tour guided by one of our Buddy crew members.

Interested in one or both activities?

Please fill out a short questionnaire 

Study association for Engineering will organize nice introduction activities for you

The study association for Engineering studies is called Amoras. They will organize nice introduction activities for you. Unfortunately, due to the corona measures, these introduction activities cannot take place in the usual form. Nevertheless, the enthusiastic students of Amoras would like to welcome you with various fun activities spread over 2 days:

  • On the first day you will get acquainted with your own study in the morning.
  • In the afternoon of the first day and on the second day there are fun activities in which you can get to know your fellow engineering students. You are expected on the first day, at 9 o'clock in the morning, in the big red tent on the parking deck behind the education building of Ruitenberglaan 29 at the HAN Campus in Arnhem!

Help to make the intro as fun and pleasant as possible!

That is why we would like to know from you which size t-shirt we should order for you and whether you may have wishes regarding the food.

Wednesday 25 August

  • 9:00 am - 10:00 pm: Introduction to your class, your course team and your course coach. After this you will have fun activities in which you can get to know your fellow engineering students.

Thursday 26 August

  • 9:00 am - 10:00 pm: Introduction with fun activities in which you can get to know your fellow engineering students much better!

More information about your introduction

  • Cost intro program?

    The intro program for Mechanical Engineering is free of charge.

  • Sign up for the introduction?

    As a new student you don’t need to sign up for the intro week. We simply assume you’ll be there!

  • Unable to attend?

    That’s a pity! But please let us know by sending an email to onderwijsbureau.engineering@han.nl after 9 August.

  • Contact

    Want to know more about the introduction? Send an email at introcommissie@svamoras.nl. If there are any questions and/or you need clarification, please contact the secretariat of Engineering and Automotive from August 16 by this email: secretariaat.aea@han.nl. Please indicate clearly which course you are following.

Your HANaccount

You need a HAN university computing account for your registration in our HAN administration, and for full access to all information about your study program courses. Students who have met all enrollment conditions will receive an e-mail message that enables them to create a HANaccount. Please wait for the e-mail message entitled "Start HANaccount". It will be sent to the e-mail address you used in Studielink.

Your final enrollment and your tuition fees

You will find important information about your final enrollment, tuition fees and the like at My Application. Please observe the deadlines.


The lecture timetable will be available from 23 August on Insite, the internal network of HAN. Once you have created your HANaccount, you can view your timetable in the Automotive Engineering pages.

Please take into account that in principle you are expected in classes on all weekdays between 9 am to 6.30 pm. Please note that our lecture timetables change every quarter, and that occasionally interim changes can also occur.

Laptop specifications

The software that is needed during your Mechanical Engineering study demands quite a bit from your laptop. Think, for example, of 3D-CAD programs and simulation software. That is why it is wise to choose a laptop that meets the specifications below.


Minimum Intel i5or equivalent, preferably Intel i7 Minimum 2GHz (more is better),64-bit (x64) processor

RAM memory

At least 16 Gb

Operating system

A 64 bit operating system is necessary. We recommend using Windows 10 64 bit for this. If this version is not installed as standard on the laptop, you can purchase an official upgrade to this version via HAN at www.surfspot.nl.


  • Minimum 15.4" widescreen, but for 3D CAD 17" widescreen is recommended for ease of use
  • Resolution 1366x768 minimum, preferred resolution 1600x900

Video card

Minimum 2 Gb graphics memory (preferably 4 Gb) with support for:

  • OpenGL
  • DirectX

Alternatives to the high-end video cards are the 'gaming' video cards from nVidia with at least 2 Gb of video memory. AMD / INTEL / nVidia work best with OPENGL which most programs use. The requirements for the video card may deviate from the requirements for other courses. The reason for this is that 3D-CAD software is made available with which you as a student should be able to work on a laptop.


WiFi & Wired LAN

Other Storage

512 Gb or more, preferably with SSD or combination SSD/HDD. Equipped with a webcam.