Open Days on campus | 25 March & 1 April

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Open Days on campus | 25 March & 1 April

Our campuses will be open for you to visit on 25 March and 1 April. Take a look round, join an info session, soak up the atmosphere. Ask all your questions about our programs and about studying in English at HAN University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands.

Visit our campus

Great that you're coming to visit us at the Open Day! There's no need to sign up beforehand. Just turn up and register on the day. Walk around the buildings, soak up the atmosphere inside and out, join a presentation. Our staff and students will be there to answer all your questions!





25 March 2023 10:00 - 14:00


1 April 2023 10:00 - 14:00 



Programs you can visit

25 March - Arnhem

  • Bachelor Communication
  • Bachelor International Business
  • Bachelor Mechanical Engineering
  • Bachelor Automotive Engineering
  • Bachelor Electrical and Electronic Engineering
  • Bachelor Embedded Systems Engineering
  • Master Engineering Systems
  • Master Circular Economy

1 April - Nijmegen

  • Bachelor Communication
  • Bachelor International Business
  • Bachelor Chemistry
  • Bachelor Life Sciences
  • Bachelor International Social Work
  • Master Molecular Life Sciences

Check out our bachelor and master programs

Bachelor Automotive Engineering

Mobility is changing. Towards a new kind of automobile. Cleaner. More efficient. More intelligent. Automotive engineers across the globe are developing these vehicles of the future. Want to join them? Choose Automotive Engineering at HAN University of Applied Sciences and get the latest automotive expertise. And so much more.

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Bachelor Chemistry

Explore the fascinating world of analytical chemistry. You could be testing for pollutants in the environment. Analyzing what’s in the food we eat. Monitoring the quality of everyday products. Sound like you? Sign up for a rewarding science career and study Chemistry at HAN University of Applied Sciences.

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Bachelor Communication

A communication degree at the International School of Business opens up a world of possibilities. After all, every company and every organization in the world has a message. Your challenge as a communication specialist? To get that message across so people will listen.

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Bachelor Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Looking for a technical career aimed at the future? Become an electrical engineer. Work on the transition to sustainable energy. Or develop smart automated manufacturing or industrial processes. Electrical and Electronic Engineering at HAN University of Applied Sciences gives you a solid start to a rewarding career.

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Bachelor Embedded Systems Engineering

Are you excited about intelligent electronic devices? Explore the digital world and learn how to develop both hardware and software for smart systems. Digital electronics are everywhere and essential to our society. Help build the future and become an Embedded Systems Engineer!

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Bachelor International Business

Want to step into the fast-paced world of international business? To actually experience it while you are studying? Then come and study at the International School of Business at HAN University of Applied Sciences. The place to be for an innovative and flexible business degree.


Bachelor International Social Work

We live in a world full of challenges. From natural disasters to poverty. From climate change to human rights violations. As an internationally oriented social worker you contribute to a healthy and inclusive society. Study International Social Work at HAN University of Applied Sciences and make a world of difference!

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Bachelor Life Sciences

A life sciences degree puts you on track for a meaningful career. Ever thought about working on projects to cure diseases? Or doing research to solve environmental problems? Or to solve world food shortages? Study Life Sciences at HAN University of Applied Sciences and get a head start on one of these rewarding paths.

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Bachelor Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineering is more than designing and constructing machines. It’s also about producing these machines using less material. Making them smart and energy efficient. And designing them to run on renewable energy. Take up the challenge with a bachelor of mechanical engineering at HAN University of Applied Sciences.

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Master Engineering Systems

Ready to take your engineering skills to the next level? The Master in Engineering Systems at HAN University of Applied Sciences gives you the know-how to develop the systems of the future. Systems that are crucial in a wide range of fields: automotive, mechatronics and process manufacturing, electronics, lean and renewable energy.

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Master Molecular Life Sciences

Are you a recent graduate in the life sciences field? Do you want to master up your science skills? To become a more independent and versatile professional? This master of science in molecular life sciences at HAN University of Applied Sciences offers just that. The perfect balance between workplace learning and applied research.

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Master Circular Economy

The Master of Science in Circular Economy at HAN University of Applied Sciences trains you to become a change agent. You learn to help international companies transition to a circular economy. You create business models based on multiple value creation. And you learn the ins and outs of multidisciplinary collaboration.

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