Day 3 of the HAN International Week

What happened at the HAN International Week Health and Social Studies on day 3, February 5 2021? Missed out? You can watch several recorded sessions.

International Week Health and Social Studies. horizontaal

Cor Hoffer 9.15 - 10.15, Studio HAN

Work on your cultural sensitivity skills

As a health care and social work professional, you engage with the influence of diverse cultures and ideologies. You may be confronted with ideas about illnesses, limitations and parenting styles that are unknown to you. How do you deal with that? Sociologist and cultural anthropologist Cor Hoffer gives you the answer during the International Week. Please be advised that this session is in Dutch.

Cor Hoffer spreker op de International Week
Sanne Derks 10.30-11.15, Studio HAN

Human rights and climate change resilience

In this presentation documentary photographer Sanne Derks takes you to different parts of the world through her lens. As a freelance documentary photojournalist she works on anthropological topics for media such as The Guardian, Al Jazeera and El País. Topics include her long-term project ‘Manifiesto del Agua’ on how the right for clean drinking water is managed in communist Cuba; the project ‘Rutopia’ on the repopulation of abandoned ruin villages in northern Spain; ‘Emission Zero’ on citizen-driven responses to climate change in contemporary Europe; and ‘Resilient women in Bolivia’ on how climate change in Bolivia is leading to more gender equality. This session is not recorded.

Sanne Derks spreekt op de International Week 2021
Sander de Kramer 11.15-12.00, Studio HAN

Community builder in Sierra Leone

Presenter Sander de Kramer (also known as Chief Ouwe Dibbes), was one of our lecturers on day 3. For over 13 years, Sander has been doing charity work in Sierra Leone with his Sunday Foundation. He helps (child)slaves who work in diamond mines and homeless children with education and shelter. For his charity work, Sander received the title Chief Ouwe Dibbes. Get inspired by Sander!

International Week presentator Sander de Kramer
Tina Rahimy 13.00-14.15, Studio HAN

Social Work, Urbanity and Diversity

What impact does our way of thinking about diversity have on our professional behavior in the social domain within the urban context? In her lecture, Tina Rahimy gives a critical explanation of the three concepts: social work, urbanity and diversity. She introduces new concepts and new perspectives on inclusion and exclusion. Her lecture is accompanied by personal stories and self-reflective intermezzos.

Tina Rahimy spreekt op de HAN International week
14.30 -15.00, Studio HAN

Talkshow & Closing

Watch our talkshow and closing statements of the International Week. What inspired you this week? Talkshow host Sander de Kramer talks to Sinan Can among others. 

International week talkshow microfoon 2020/2021

Hope to see you in 2022!

Are you joining our week in 2022? We hope so! If  you have any ideas about next year's program. Feel free to e-mail us.

International Week Health and Social Studies. horizontaal