Day 2 of the HAN International Week

What happened on at the HAN International Week Health and Social Studies on day 2, February 4? Missed out? You can watch several recorded sessions.

International Week Health and Social Studies. horizontaal

Suzanne Haeyen 12:15 - 13.00, Studio HAN

Arts therapies and emotion regulation and self-image in personality disorders

Arts therapies is an experience-based field. It uses tools like drama, dance, images, exercise, movement or music. This may help people with personality disorders to engage with their emotions. Personality disorders are complex mental disorders and people with this diagnosis are often difficult to reach from an emotional perspective. Dr. Suzanne Haeyen, professor in arts therapies and part of the special research group in personality disorders, introduces the use of these therapies within this target group and the contribution this new research group will make. There is a considerable need for more knowledge - theoretical, scientific and practical. She points out important themes, topics for research and recent studies.

portretfoto bijzonder lector Suzanne Haeyen
Centre for Creativity presents

Symposium 'Borderlands: meet me in the middle'

The Covid-19 crisis shows that what we value depends heavily on our social relations with others. However, the virus travels the same paths. But even in better times meeting others is not always easy. The borderlands are those spaces and places in which one person encounters another person as a meeting ground in between different worlds.

This afternoon symposium with key note lectures and workshops is organized by the HAN Centre for Creativity. We will reflect on what it means to be human and to connect meaningfully with other people. What does “to encounter” mean in light of being who you want to be and doing what you want to do? The event will be chaired by Erik Jansen, associate professor Capabilities in Care and Wellbeing (HAN UAS). 

Centre for creativity. Jonge mensen met kleurstof.

Program Borderlands: Meet me in the middle

  1. 13:00

    - 13:40 | Introduction Erik Jansen and Rory Truell

  2. 13:55

    - 14:20 | Eltje Bos

  3. 14:40

    - 15.10 | Wytske Lankester

  4. 15:25

    - 16.00 | Jan van Rosmalen and closing statement Erik Jansen

Tracey Robinson 16.15-16.45, Studio HAN

Serial Killers and their crimes

Have you ever wondered why someone commits murder?  What drives them to stalk and kill their victims?  In this presentation, we will examine several known American serial killers who have been identified, captured, and processed through the legal system.  We will focus on the psychology of the killer, the investigative and legal processes used, and the public's fascination with such crimes and criminals. Tracey is a Licensed Professional Counselor with a background in forensic psychology.  . 


international week Tracy Robinson 2020
Closing 16.45-17.00 

Closing of day 2

Come finish this day with us in the livestream.

Watch our on campus activitities

Go to the livestreams

The International Week has 2 livestreams! You can watch all the above activities on our Studio HAN livestream. Studio Zalloon is the place to be for music, games and small talk! You can check the Zalloon program below.

These links are accessible from February 3 to February 5 till 17:00. 

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Program Studio Zalloon

Take a look at Studio Zalloon where there is something to do all day long under the guidance of Frans van Oirschot. We play games every day, sing along to the karaoke and go on an expedition through the HAN building. Of course there are prizes to win. Studio Zalloon is your beacon of creativity these days.

  1. 09:30

    - 09.45 | Wakey Wakey eggs and bakey

    Wake up feeling Zen with this out-of-the-box yoga session!
  2. 09:45

    - 10.00 | The Game Show

    We have several games in store for you during this block. Which ones? What do you think of "Who Am I?" or maybe "What do I smell?" Enjoy!

  3. 10:00

    - 10:30 | Expedition HAN

    Frans goes on an expedition in the building, looking for the best stories and the nicest people. Where would you like Frans to go? You can app him all day on: 06 30295090.

  4. 10:30

    - 11:00 | Frans keeps on spinning

    The "Master of the Wheel of Steel" himself gives it a crank and spins his best records!
  5. 11:00

    - 11:15 | Expedition HAN

    Frans goes on an expedition in the building again, looking for the best stories and the nicest people. Where would you like Frans to go? You can app it all day on: 06 30295090.

  6. 11:15

    - 11:45 | Bingo – The mother of games!

    The only game for which you really don't have to be able to do anything, except to be able to count! Naturally presented by Frans and of course with prizes!

  7. 11:45

    - 13.00 | DJ

    During the day, the Zalloon is the place for various DJs several times. Tune in and listen along!

  8. 13:00

    - 13:45 | The Game Show

    We have several games in store for you during this block. Which ones? What do you think of "Who Am I?" or maybe "What do I smell?" Enjoy!
  9. 13:45

    - 14:30 | DJ

    While Frans has a small break, our DJ’s are in control of the music!
  10. 14:30

    - 14.40 | Lottery – Do you have the winning lottery ticket?

    We hand out the lottery tickets online so  you can easily win!
  11. 14:40

    - 15:00 | Human Jukebox – You name it, Frans sings it!

    Pick one of the songs in the list and Frans will give it a go!
  12. 15:00

    - 15.45 | DJ

    While Frans relaxes his voice for a while, the DJs take over the studio!

  13. 15:45

    - 16.30 | Europe Quiz

    Where is the Sagrada Familia located? And does or doesn’t Russia belong to Europe? Test your knowledge, beat your classmates and win an evening with  delicious food.

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Check out day 3

Cor Hoffer, Sanne Derks and Tina Rahimy will give inspiring lectures on this last day of the Internatinal Week. Let's end the week together on day 3.

International Week Health and Social Studies. horizontaal