Day 1 of the HAN International Week

What happened at the HAN International Week Health and Social Studies on day 1, February 3? Missed out? You can watch several recorded sessions.

International Week Health and Social Studies. horizontaal

Sinan Can 10.00-10.45, Studio HAN

About the Middle East

One of the keynote speakers was the Dutch research journalist Sinan Can who has made several documentaries about the Middle East. He's done so at the risk of his own life. Sinan lives in Nijmegen and opened the week on Wednesday the 3rd of February.



Sinan Can, Gastspreker, International week
Sander de Kramer 13.30-14.00, Studio HAN

Community builder in Sierra Leone

Presenter Sander de Kramer (also known as Chief Ouwe Dibbes), was one of our lecturers on day 1. For over 13 years, Sander has been doing charity work in Sierra Leone with his Sunday Foundation. He helps (child)slaves who work in diamond mines and homeless children with education and shelter. For his charity work, Sander received the title Chief Ouwe Dibbes. Get inspired by Sander!

International Week presentator Sander de Kramer
Katia Verreault 14.30-16.00, Studio HAN

Trauma sensitive yoga

In this workshop participants were invited to experience a short trauma sensitive yoga practice. Trauma center trauma senstive yoga (TCTSY) is an evidence-based adjunctive treatment for complex, developmental trauma or chronic, treatment-resistant PTSD. It was developed by the Center for Trauma and Embodiment in the USA. The center is dedicated to researching, developing, and training providers in effective, trauma-informed practices that help survivors safely re-connect to their body so that they may engage more fully with their life. Katia Verreault works at War Child Holland and is a TCTSY-facilitator. She presented the work that she has been doing with trauma survivors. This session is not recorded.


international week trauma sensitive yoga 2020
Tracey Robinson 16.15-16.45, Studio HAN

Serial Killers and their crimes

Have you ever wondered why someone commits murder?  What drives them to stalk and kill their victims?  In this presentation, we examine several known American serial killers who have been identified, captured, and processed through the legal system.  The focus is on the psychology of the killer, the investigative and legal processes used, and the public's fascination with such crimes and criminals. Tracey is a Licensed Professional Counselor with a background in forensic psychology.  . 


international week Tracy Robinson 2020
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International Week Health and Social Studies. horizontaal