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Reducing the health gap in our society: it’s a task for all of us. But how do we do this? Using the available experience is key. This symposium brings together all kinds of experiential knowledge and expertise by experience.

This year the symposium took place at the Lindenberg in Nijmegen on 13 June 2023 (12:00 - 18:00). The program was varied, with a keynote by Tim 'S Jongers followed by parallel sessions of your own choosing. Check out the timetable of the program.

Check out the sessions below (Unfold to download the presentations). 

Parallel sessions

Experience route

It was possible to take an hour to gain some experience for yourself. A special route through the building led you past all kinds of experiential knowledge. You could listen to stories. Look at photos. Talk to experts by experience or researchers. Play a game. Or try to escape from an escape room.

Keynote Tim ’S Jongers

Experiential knowledge is the central theme of the day. No keynote speaker is better suited to this than Tim 'S Jongers. Tim 'S Jongers is a political scientist, public administration expert and publicist. His work focuses on the gaps that run through our society. Like the one between “hopeful” and “hopeless”.

In 2022, he published his book Beledigende Broccoli, in which he makes clear why well-intentioned policies are demeaning to those in a precarious socio-economic situation. He writes on issues of poverty, socio-economic insecurity and social policy for the online journalistic platform de Correspondent.

Tim 'S Jongers
Key area: 

Fair Health

People with a low level of education or income live shorter lives and feel less healthy. We want to change that with our key area Fair Health. How? By devoting attention to those differences in education and research. We connect all the knowledge available at HAN and engage partners from the professional field. Together we can make a difference.
This symposium is organized by staff of HAN’s key area Fair Health. The 4 themes of Fair Health are the starting point for the further program of this afternoon. The themes are:
Better socio-economic position
Inclusive education and work
Health-promoting environment and lifestyle
Accessible information and facilitie