Symposium Leading Sustainability Transitions: An International Business Perspective

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  • Smart Region
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The only way to make impact is by making significant and well-informed changes. The HAN International School of Business takes the lead by installing Prof. Anna Sabidussi and officially opening the Center of International Business Research, a research center dedicated to sustainability transitions.

Thursday, June 22, 2023 marks the day in which companies, alumni, academic partners, students, researchers and lecturers together explore solutions to shift towards a more sustainable future.

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HAN Campus Arnhem
Ruitenberglaan 26

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Be there: inauguration, panel discussion, and world café

Sustainability transitions from different perspectives

The morning focuses on discussing the trends in sustainability transitions via the inaugural speech of Prof. Anna Sabidussi and a panel discussion with business leaders. These frontrunners in sustainability transitions will share their experience and insights.

In the afternoon these trends will be actively translated into practical guidelines via a World Café for business partners, academic partners, alumni, students, and researchers. 

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During the symposium, we will address sustainability transitions at various levels:

    IndividualFrom the standpoint of individuals, with their unique skills and perspectives, we explore the strategies leading to successful and impactful results.
    OrganizationalFrom the point of view of organizations and their networks, we challenge assumptions to find pathways conciliating the apparent contractions in pursuing both sustainability and prosperity.
    EcosystemWe explore strategies and approaches that enable collaboration, collective learning, knowledge sharing, and the development of fruitful synergies among and across networks.
    EconomicFrom an economic system perspective, we engage in rethinking key principles and models our society needs for prioritizing sustainable practices, fostering innovation, business resilience, social well-being and preserving our natural resources.

These are directly related to the research lines defined by the chair:

  • Intercultural Dynamics & Entrepreneurial Mindsets,
  • Behavioral Change in Global Organizations,
  • Transformations Across Business Ecosystems,
  • and Paradigm Shifts in Finance & Economics.

Overall these lines guide international businesses in the necessary transitions towards sustainability. They integrate the individual, the organizational, the ecosystem and the economic system level: building on the synergies among these levels is essential for promoting sustainability and ensuring a more equitable and prosperous future for all.

Read more about the research lines on the CIBR site.


Registration & coffee 
Opening Dr. Nicole Osentoski, Academy Manager HAN International School of Business, Master of Ceremonies 
Welcome speech by Arjan Keunen, Dean HAN International School of Business 
The HAN sustainability vision including inauguration ceremony by Bridget Kievits, member of the HAN Executive Board  
Inauguration speech Prof. Anna Sabidussi, HAN Center of International Business Research (CIBR).  
Panel discussion with business leaders and Prof. Anna Sabidussi hosted by Dr. Nicole Osentoski, including interaction with the audience
Jan-Joost Bosman - CEO  Royal Auping
Roger van Hoesel – General Manager of FoodX & Co-founder of Ecosystem Navigators
Jenny Wassenaar – CSO & SVP Global R&D Trivium Packaging
Inauguration celebration and lunch 

Kick-off dynamic afternoon program by Professor Anna Sabidussi & Dr. Nicole Osentoski

Initiation World Café by Rick Koster, professional moderator

World Café round table discussions
Short break, including reveal artistic representation of the day
Plenary session: Key findings & insights World Café
Networking drinks and snacks 

Professor Anna Sabidussi

Professor Anna Sabidussi will address the key dimensions involved in transitioning towards sustainable practices, highlighting novel avenues and solution pathways to successfully engage in the business transformations needed to solve the global challenges of our era. She will focus on the innovation opportunities arising from embracing economic, environmental, and societal scopes.

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Panel with Business Experts

During this dialogue with business experts, sustainability transitions will be approached from different professional perspectives, and it is interactive with the audience.

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World Café

Business representatives, senior alumni, and academic partners from abroad will discuss and explore different but interrelated themes. The World Café aims to provide a setting to share significant insights about Sustainable Business transitions from an international perspective and forging new bonds over intriguing ideas.

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  • Arnhem - Ruitenberglaan 26Date: 22 juni at 09:00
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