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Check out the program for the HAN International Week Health and Social Studies on day 2, Thursday the 2nd of February 2023.

09.00-10.30: Els van Driel

Travel without privilege

Els van Driel does a deep dive into her award winning documentary Shadow Game and will screen the follow-up documentary Durrab’s Labyrinth. Durrab is a Pakistani young adult who is not eligible for asylum, because he comes from a ‘safe’ country. He ends up in the shadow world of Europe. In order to survive in this illegality he becomes a human trafficker. “I help people who are suffering,” is his way of looking at it. It’s a matter of perspective. This reading centers around the shadow world of Europe, where nothing is black and white and people who come from a supposed ‘safe land’ suddenly become people with hopes and dreams too.

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10.45-11.30: Marcela Andrade del Corro

Attunement: what is it & how to use?

How important is attunement for the development of children and subsequent relationships they will develop? Attunement is a concept coined by Daniel Stern (1985) and can be explained as the foundation of human connections. It means to be aware and respond to the emotions of another person, which contributes to how we form relationships. Attunement has proved to be a fundamental contribution to the therapeutic field and has extended to many health and therapeutic practices such as arts therapies, psychomotor therapy, pedagogy and many more. Together we will explore how health care professionals who work with clients can benefit from learning how attunement originated and what happens if we do not attune to others. If you’re curious and want to expand your knowledge on the subject, you’re in the right place (no prior knowledge on the subject necessary).

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13.00-13.45: Sander de Kramer

How to stay positive during a horrible war?

Sander de Kramer has witnessed first hand, and on multiple occasions, what war does to people and their country. How to stay positive during a war? And how important is it to let the people know they are in our thoughts? Sander will, among other things, take you along on his journey to Ukraine, where he brought heaters to residents who were living in their bombed flats without windows. 

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14.30-15.15: Proment Foundation

Your own strangeness

Confront yourself with your own 'Strangeness'! Discover that everyone is a stranger. Proment Foundation promotes the exchange of students from different cultures and backgrounds. So, look without judgment, and become aware of your own perspective. Together with you as student, we can create a healthy international environment; starting here, this afternoon in this lecture!

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16.15-17.00: Tracey Robinson

Serial Killers and Why the World is Fascinated with Them

Come and join Tracey Robinson into the dark world of American serial killers. Zooming in on a few of them who have been identified, captured and processed through the legal system. We will focus on the psychology of a killer, the investigative and legal processes used and look at the public’s fascination with these crimes and criminals. How did the lives of these serial killers unfold? Which homicide techniques and crime profiling have been used in the process? And how were they eventually prosecuted and punished? Let’s find out.

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Check out day 3

Sounds of Change, Martina de Witte en Seyda Buurman-Kutsal will give inspiring lectures on the third day of the International Week. Learn more about day 3.

International Week Health and Social Studies. horizontaal