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Check out the program of the HAN International Week Health and Social Studies on day 3, Friday 4 February 2022.

09.00-10.30: Seyda Buurman-Kutsal

The anatomy of prejudice

Ṣeydâ Buurman-Kutsal is an expert in diversity, equity and inclusion. In her lecture she will talk about the anatomy of prejudice: Brown Eyes Blue Eyes. We experience differences every day, in our society, in the city or village where we live and in the workplace. Prejudice often stands in the way of a balanced relationship. Diversity is a given, it is universal. Let's use it as an asset to deal with variety and complexity.

3363187c-0cf6-11ee-848b-02565807075b Keynote International Week Health and Social Studies, Seyda Kutchal
10.45-11.30: Sander de Kramer

Community builder in Sierra Leone

Presenter Sander de Kramer is a familiar face at our International Week. For over 14 years, Sander has been doing charity work in Sierra Leone with his Sunday Foundation. He helps (child)slaves who work in diamond mines and homeless children by providing education and shelter. For his charity work, Sander received the title Chief Ouwe Dibbes. Get inspired by Sander!

International Week presentator Sander de Kramer
11.30-13.00: A Break with Flamingo Frans

Crossing the borders quiz

How much do you know about crossing a border? A crazy quiz with big prizes to win.



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13.00-14.15: Els van Driel

Documentaries about human rights and immigration

Meet documentary filmmaker Els van Driel. In 2021 she co-directed Shadow Game, a multimedia documentary project about unaccompanied refugee children in Europe. Els specializes in human rights, immigration and religion. She created the award-winning youth documentary series ‘Mensjesrechten’/Just Kids, about children’s rights and was co-director of the multimedia production ‘The Asylum Machine’ and ‘The Deal’, an analysis of the consequences of the EU-Turkey deal in 2017. Amongst her prize winning youth documentaries are: 'How Ky turned into Niels' & ‘A year without my parents’. 

146c1b4e-0cf6-11ee-87b5-02565807075b Els van Driel International Week HSS 2022
14.30 -15.15


Watch our talkshow and closing statements of the International Week. What inspired you this week? Talkshow host Sander de Kramer talks to Els van Driel and others. 

International week talkshow microfoon 2020/2021
15.15-16.30: Lets close the week together


We will close the International Week on campus! Everyone is welcome for a snack and a drink! Frans Flamingo is performing, with a music bingo and songs. 

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International Week Health and Social Studies. horizontaal