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Check out the program of the HAN International Week Health and Social Studies on day 2, Thursday the 3rd of February 2022.

09.00-09.45: Suzanne Haeyen

The powerful experience

Arts and psychomotor therapies is an experience-based field that uses tools like drama, dance, images, exercise, movement and music. These tools can help people with personality disorders engage with their emotions. And can help others connect with them on an emotional level. Dr. Suzanne Haeyen, professor in arts therapies, introduces the use of these therapies within this target group and the contributions this new field of research can make. There is a considerable need for more knowledge - theoretical, scientific and practical. She covers important themes, topics for research and recent studies.


portretfoto bijzonder lector Suzanne Haeyen
09.45-10.30: Sander de Kramer

Community builder in Sierra Leone

Presenter Sander de Kramer is a familiar face at our International Week. For over 14 years, Sander has been doing charity work in Sierra Leone with his Sunday Foundation. He helps (child)slaves who work in diamond mines and homeless children by providing education and shelter. For his charity work, Sander received the title Chief Ouwe Dibbes. Get inspired by Sander!

International Week presentator Sander de Kramer
10.45-12.15: Els van Driel

Documentaries about human rights and immigration

Meet documentary filmmaker Els van Driel. In 2021 she co-directed Shadow Game, a multimedia documentary project about unaccompanied refugee children in Europe. Els specializes in human rights, immigration and religion. She created the award-winning youth documentary series ‘Mensjesrechten’/Just Kids, about children’s rights and was co-director of the multimedia production ‘The Asylum Machine’ and ‘The Deal’, an analysis of the consequences of the EU-Turkey deal in 2017. Amongst her prize winning youth documentaries are: 'How Ky turned into Niels' & ‘A year without my parents’. 

146c1b4e-0cf6-11ee-87b5-02565807075b Els van Driel International Week HSS 2022
13.20-16.00: Erik Jansen, Arie Altena, Gijs Top, Albert Sanders

Symposium Centre for Creativity: Kairos, Art and Sustainability

This afternoon symposium with 3 key note lectures is organized by the HAN Centre for Creativity. The event will be chaired by Erik Jansen, associate professor of Capabilities in Care and Wellbeing at HAN. Still amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, the world is awaiting an even more pervasive crisis involving the climate and sustainability of our planet. While the anthropogenic nature of the climate crisis is undeniably true, humanity has a hard time dealing with the consequences and redirecting the course to a more sustainable one. Some scholars argue that this is due to our ways with nature and the world. Our lives are led by Chronos, economic time and a logic of having, at the expense of Kairos, experiential time and a logic of being.

Centre for creativity. Jonge mensen met kleurstof.
How can we turn the tide? What role can the arts and creativity play in fostering our imaginaries for sustainable futures? In the keynote lectures and workshops for this symposium we explore how the arts and creative methods can bring Kairos back into our sense of being and our ways of doing and contribute to the preservation of the earth. The symposium will be accompanied by an exposition of artworks by artists who focus on sustainability and the climate crisis in their work.
13.20 Introduction by chair Erik Jansen
13.25-13.55 Lecture 1: Arie Altena
13.55-14.05 Intermezzo and change
14.05-14.25 Lecture 2: Gijs Top
14.25-14.45 Coffee break
14.45-15.15 Lecture 3: Albert Sanders
15.15-15.25 Intermezzo and change
15.25-15.55 Interactive session 4: Arie Altena, Paul Beekers & Gerald van Koert
15.55-16.00 Closing statement Erik Jansen
Arie Altena: What I’ve learned from Dark Ecology
In his presentation Arie Altena will focus mainly on a number of art projects that came out of the project Dark Ecology (2014-2016) in sub-Arctic Norway and North-West Russia – a region where the effects of climate change have been tangible for a long time. These works by artists such as Jana Winderen, Espen Sommer Eide, Raviv Ganchrow, and Signe Lidén explore in different ways how humans relate to nature and the environment, or maybe more precisely how humans and nonhumans, or for instance plankton, mining, sound, memories, humans, pollution and the weather are inextricably entangled. Dark ecology is about how we get to exit from toxic modernity. Arie Altena is web and archive editor at V2_Lab and the author of Wat is community art? (2016) and 40 years of V2_ (2022). 
Gijs Top: Creating an in between space - A dialogue without words
ArtEZ University of the Arts
Gijs is going to tell you about how and why he uses his artistic practice as a way to stimulate ecological awareness. His work and research is built on the connection between ecology and art, and specifically what ecology means between people and their environment on a social level, within an artistic setting.
He uses music, the power of imagination and non-verbal exchange to stimulate ecological thinking and invite people to (re)discover how they can connect with others and their environment in a playful way.
Albert Sanders: Do we force the outsider inside? Sustainability and talent development
School of Social Studies - HAN University of Applied Sciences
Should we support, coach, and empower “outsiders” in their artistic talent and how do we go about doing that? What are the consequences of artistic prizes for art, the artist and society? Where, if anywhere, do we want to go, and which frames do we establish?
This lecture will discuss these questions based on the work of Guus Schut. Guus Schut is an "outsider" who won the Young Talent Special Award prize in 2019. In his visual art he selects visual images from the internet and translates these into drawings on his own terms. In his extraordinary World War II project, he will turn visual images from World War II into one drawing a day for a period of five years.
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Check out day 3

Seyda Kutsal, Sander de Kramer and Els van Driel will give inspiring lectures on this last day of the Internatinal Week. Let's end the week together on day 3.

International Week Health and Social Studies. horizontaal