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HAN updates during the coronavirus outbreak and answers to frequently asked questions.


  • Wearing a face mask is mandatory at HAN once again
  • Keep a distance of 1.5 meters where possible
  • Test yourself twice a week, even if you’ve been vaccinated. Order your self-tests for free at
  • There is a maximum group size of 75 students per room
  • Work at home, unless you really have no other choice
  • Also read the FAQs about HAN and the coronavirus

Friday 26 November Education stays open

The news had already leaked through yesterday and today, but Prime Minister Rutte confirmed that education, including higher education, will remain open. This is very good news; everyone can continue following education at HAN! 

This means that an exemption has been made for education. And all of us – students and staff – need to handle this position responsibly. If we don't, the education system may have to close its doors at some point.

So please follow the measures. This is an absolute necessity. Also with a view to reducing the number of infections and hospital admissions. But measures only work if everyone follows them. And in doing so, we are also creating a safe learning and working environment for everyone, including students and staff who have fragile health or have someone close to them who does. So please stick to the measures, not only for yourself, but also for these people! This is a responsibility we share together.

A reminder of the measures once again:

  • Wear a mask when walking through the buildings. This is not optional, but mandatory.
  • Give each other space, stick to the 1.5 meter distance where possible or when someone asks you to.
  • Continue to follow the indicated walking routes as much as possible.
  • Follow the hygiene guidelines: wash your hands regularly and cough and sneeze into your elbow.
  • Don't shake hands.
  • Test yourself regularly, preferably twice a week, even if you’ve been vaccinated. Have you tested positive? Then don't come to HAN and get yourself tested at the GGD. 
  • Have you tested negative, but still have symptoms that could indicate corona? Stay home and get tested by the GGD. You can still request free tests via And there are also self-tests at HAN.
  • Report it to your study coach or manager if you are infected. You can read about what steps to take in yesterday's email (Thursday 25 November).
  • HAN ensures all spaces are properly ventilated.

Why isn’t HAN switching to online education?

We have been asked this question by a number of different parties. But at this stage we do not want to switch to online education. The government is allowing us to provide in-person education. And in-person education, where there is room for mutual and personal interaction between lecturers and students, is crucial for student welfare and the quality of education. So we will continue to provide on-campus education for as long as we are permitted. In doing so, we also do justice to the special position we have been given.

Friday 26 November Wear a mask when you walk through the buildings

Wearing a mask in HAN buildings is not optional, but mandatory. Also for people who have been vaccinated. Masks must cover your mouth and nose. We see that most students and staff follow this rule; thank you for that! 

Unfortunately, some students and staff are still not wearing a mask. Say something about it. HAN is assigning extra people to keep a closer eye on this. Forgetting to bring a mask can happen. But there seems to be a group that refuses to wear a mask as a matter of principle or out of stubbornness. Do you belong to this group? Then we ask you not to come to HAN! 

Needless to say, this does not apply to people who can’t wear a mask due to certain health problems.

Thursday 25 November Cabinet discussing new measures

The number of corona infections has quickly risen. This is worrying and the government is considering new measures at the end of this week. At the beginning of this week it also became clear that the introduction of the COVID certificate in higher education is currently a topic of debate in the Dutch Lower House. The Netherlands Association of Universities of Applied Sciences is of course discussing this with the Ministry, as we believe there are ethical, practical and organizational objections. You can read more about this in the statement of the Netherlands Association of Universities of Applied Sciences (in Dutch). 

To keep HAN open, we must do everything we can to prevent infections and their spread. That's why it's also important to stick to all the measures and guidelines. But also that you report it when you are infected with the coronavirus and that you follow the step-by-step plan. We ask students to do the same.

Thursday 25 November Infected? Report it immediately and follow the steps

Because the Municipal Health Service (GGD) no longer investigates who has infected someone or who has had contact with an infected person, we have to be extra alert for corona infections among students and colleagues. Are you infected? Then it’s important that you report it as described in the step-by-step plan.

In brief, these are:

  • If you are infected and you have been at HAN during the contagious period*, there is a risk of further infection. Report this to your study coach or manager as soon as possible.
  • Everyone in your group or who you’ve been in contact with will receive a letter from HAN, based on a template from the GGD, containing information on what to do.
  • If you are infected, then it is also your responsibility to inform all your “close” contacts and refer them to the letters on the RIVM website. These letters describe whether someone has to go into quarantine and what rules apply. That depends on whether someone is protected against corona and whether someone is a roommate, close contact or other contact.
  • We speak of a cluster infection when: 3 or more people in 1 group are infected and can be linked to each other; HAN is obliged to report this to the GGD.

*contagious period is 48 hours prior to the 1st day of illness up to and including at least 7 days after the 1st day of illness and 24 hours without symptoms

Thursday 25 November Vaccination at HAN in Arnhem and at GGD in Nijmegen

Not vaccinated, but want to be? On Monday 29 November the GGD will visit HAN in Arnhem again (square R31, from 10:00 to 16:00). You don’t need to make an appointment, just bring a valid ID.

In Nijmegen you can visit the GGD at Groenewoudseweg (in Dutch) without an appointment on various days in November and December. Of course you can also make an appointment in advance. Always bring a valid ID. 

Do you have a real fear of needles? Please let us know in advance (via 088-1447123); this fear will then be taken into account. You can also get vaccinations without an appointment at other locations around the country. Check out the options at

Coaching and support

Are you a student looking for some help? Like tips for self-study, a good chat, a listening ear, a bit more support during this corona period? We’re ready to help you! Take a look at the Insite-page of HAN Study Success for the possibilities.

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